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So Much Art


Recently, Lochinvar and I had the pleasure of attending the opening of the 2018 Santa Fe Contemporary Art Show. Our frequent trips to museums and galleries did not prepare me for the overwhelming number of pieces we viewed that night. Nor did I have any idea that so many of the artists would be so forthcoming about how they created pieces, their materials, their time, etc. Frequently galleries and museums seem quite stuffy, with people wandering somewhat aimlessly and speaking in hushed, reverent tones. So, the laughter, conversations, wine and nibbles were not at all what I expected. Walking through the doors, we were greeted by over 100 artists who had multiple pieces on display in a labyrinthine grouping of partial walls filling the main hall of the Santa Fe Convention Center.

While I cannot enumerate how many pieces we quite adored, there were a couple of artists who stood out. Ibrokhimbek Ikromov is a young man from Uzbekistan whose precision and eye for detail astounded me.  His paintings are quite small – the size of a several hundred year old book page (on which they are painted). You can see more of his work in his online photo gallery.


I also spent a great deal of time looking at the oil paintings of Marcella Rose. I am frequently enthralled by paintings of women and/or dance, so her work immediately grabbed my attention. Rose also had some lovely animal-themed works, and (bonus!) she was just fun to talk to, having moved around a good deal. Check out her website to see more of her beautiful work.


It is impossible to discuss the many pieces Lochinvar and I viewed, so here’s the list of exhibitor’s for this year’s show. You can see a sample piece, read a little about the artists, and follow links to their individual websites. (I have spent a good deal of time surfing through them!)  Art Santa Fe Contemporary Art Show 2018 exhibitor list.

And, if you’re interested in attending (or exhibiting) at next year’s show, those plans are already in the works.